Susan Robinson is married to Gordon, and works as a nurse. In season 17, Susan and Gordon adopted a son,Miles. Susan has appeared on Sesame Street since theearliest test programs in 1969.

Susan's parents are Dorothy and Lee. They live in Michiganand visited Sesame Street in a 1985 episode and a 1991 episode.

In the earliest episodes of the show, Susan was a housewife. By Season 2,[1] she became a public health nurse, so that the character might serve as a better role model for young girls in the viewing audience. Among her projects was offering a Measles Vaccination Clinic inEpisode 0343.

She also headlined her own album, Susan Sings Songs from Sesame Street, and had minor roles in both Sesame Street movies. Although she is still a regular on the show, since season 29 she has been appearing in only a few episodes per season, in part because fewer shows are produced now. She only appeared in 1-2 episodes during the 39th and 40th seasons, and appeared in four episodes during Season 42.

During the early seasons, she often sang "One of These Things."